Proofreading entails checking issues related to spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

First and foremost, proofreading pertains to the eradication of outright errors, though if there are glaring stylistic weaknesses, we may well draw your attention to these by underlining them, or by making a note in the margin.

Proofreading is for those of you who simply need a final run-through of your work before publishing/submitting.

This service is useful for those who are simply looking for a fresh pair of eyes to look over their work.

Spelling checked

Perfect Grammar

Proper Punctuation

Tracked Changes

100% Professional Service

*All of the changes we make will be marked using the tracked changes function on Microsoft Word.


Not what you need?

"Excellent service from start to finish. 


Short Proofing ensured my work was professionally written, with clear language and feedback that was easy to understand.  They were very proficient and quick to respond to my queries; clearly experts in this field with vast knowledge. 


I would highly recommend Short Proofing."

- Tracy Parker-Priest, Head of Programme Management, Department of Education